The catering of Om de hoek

Our standard catering consists of excellent coffee (including cappuccino and espresso), tea, soft drinks, our famous homemade apple pie, sweets, biscuits and fresh fruit. All are available for you and included in your booking.

Our lunch consists of a rich assortment of thickly layered open sandwiches (cold meat, cheese and vegetarian toppings), Frisian Sugarloaf, fresh salad, homemade soup, fresh orange juice and smoothie. Our evening meal is a three-course buffet. You have a choice of different menus. Please click here for a comprehensive overview of our catering possibilities.

All the food we serve is prepared in our own kitchen and we use fresh and as many organic produces as possible. In our standard catering we always take vegetarian wishes into account. Please do notify us in advance whether someone in your party has a food allergy.